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How to Avoid Plagiarism

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  • Quote Your Sources Properly
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10 Paraphrasing Killers: Words That Make Your Writing Sound Silly


What are the words to avoid in writing? What actually is paraphrasing and rephrasing online? It is to use information from sources you have gathered but by rephrasing the ideas and changing the words. It is taking a bunch of facts and rewording them but keeping the original meaning.
words to avoid in writing

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It can actually be done with the use of just a sentence or even the whole paragraph. Paraphrasing can sometimes be difficult because you can be unconsciously plagiarizing especially when your wording doesn’t have much difference from the original wording. The point of paraphrasing is using your own words but still having the same idea.

There will be many words to avoid in writing especially when you are paraphrasing and using a book, a journal or any written material. The words to avoid are basically the words from the original source because you will tend to have a wrong way of paraphrasing; sometimes it will also still be considered as plagiarism. In making sure, you can apply some paraphrasing tips or look for bad and good paraphrasing examples for you to be enlightened.

Important Statistical Facts You Should Know

  • Undergraduates has a total of 36% who admitted that they have plagiarized a written material
  • 66 percent of 16,000 students in the US admitted that they plagiarized
  • 1 out of three students admitted that they used the internet for plagiarism
  • There are 36% of undergraduates says that they copied few sentences on the internet without citing it
  • There have been 14% of students fabricating a bibliography
  • 7% of self report admitted that they have copied word for word without citing
  • Using one’s work has reported having 7%
  • 58 percent of 24,000 students who admitted plagiarizing

Good and Bad Paraphrasing Examples You Should Be Aware Of

Original: She has not eaten a dragon fruit yet

Good: Since before, she haven’t tried a dragon fruit

Bad: She did not eat a dragon fruit yet

Original: Lucia has been struggling because of life challenges.

Good: Due to life difficulties, Lucia is having a hard time.

Bad: Because of life challenges, Lucia has been battling it.

Original: Lack of discipline has a bad effect to ourselves, to other people and the environment.

Good: The absence of oneself’s discipline can result to having a negative impact to others and the surroundings.

Bad: Ourselves including other people and the environment can be affected badly because of lack of discipline.

Few Paraphrasing Tips You Should Remember

  1. Always prepare yourself a reference
  2. Change the structure of the sentence
  3. Use your own words
  4. Stick to the main point of the sentence of paragraph
  5. Don’t forget the citations
  6. Avoid having the same structure with the original source
  7. If it is difficult to paraphrase, quote and cite it immediately

Plagiarism is a big deal and you do not want to be caught when you do such act. It is important for you to remember the words to avoid in writing especially when you are paraphrasing. In rephrasing, just stick to the message that is conveyed, generate sentence structures and you can surely articulate your own thoughts.

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